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The problem with “Johnson Creek” #eliquid #ejuice

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I got excited by Johnson creek eliquids. I found a flavor that I like called “Wisconsin Crisp” then I found 8 flavors that I don’t like at all. Now I am not really enjoying Wisconsin Crisp anymore. I am starting to agree with other consumers in their criticism of Johnson Creek. After awhile all the flavors begin to take the same as if they are formulated with the same ingredients. There is the same base flavor that is smoky and rather strange. It is not like a good smoke flavor it is like the BBQ smoke or something.

In my excitement, I bought up most of their flavors because I was excited to try and review them. The worst flavor I had was called “JC Original” tobacco blend. It taste like chewing tobacco spit. After trying that eliquid, I could barely go on with Johnson Creek. I still have a large bottle of “Wisconsin Crisp” e-juice that I will use up but I think I am done with Johnson Creek. I will write reviews on the products that I have tried for the benefit of my readers but I don’t plan on buying anymore of their products. There seems to be better brands out there for me to vape, with richer flavor.

I wish I didn’t spend all that money vaping Johnson Creek. After try some of the Atmos flavors and delicious flavors from Indigo Vapes and other less marketed brands, I am convinced there is much better eliquid out there for far cheaper than the Johnson Creek brand. I am considering removing the glowing blog posts about their product line as I try other blends of e-liquid. I just want to be as accurate as I can be for my readers. I am not here selling a product, I am trying to help my readers so they don’t make expensive mistakes. E-cigs are like a hobby. You collect the best devices and put the inferior ones in a box to gather dust. It is easy to throw your money and have regret. Unfortunately, as a product reviewer I have to foot the cost of these reviews so that I have material to write about. I don’t have regrets because I enjoy writing and this has overall been an enjoyable experience.


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New Review

My latest acquisition in my e-cigarette story is the Atmos Optimus X. I bought this e-cig to spearhead my renewed effort to quit smoking.

I bought this e-cig in the city of Chicago for fifty dollars at a smoke shop in Wrigleyville. There were many models to choose from at the store and the clerk give me his opinion on all of them. He felt this would be the best option for me.


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